Yingkou Dahai Talc Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao City, the magnesium capital of China. The company's predecessor is Yingkou Talc Mine. We have more than 20 years of experience in mining powder processing. We have gone through every stage of the development of China's talc industry, have personally felt every progress product upgrade in China's talc industry. After more than 20 years of hard development, we have grown a small factory with simple primary processing equipment to a full industrial chain covering talc ore mining, talc crushing to talc masterbatch production......滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉生产厂家滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉厂滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒滑石粉母粒

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Yingkou Dahai talc mining Co., Ltd

  • Factory Address: Yangfang
    Development Zone, Dashiqiao City,
    Liaoning Province
    Telephone: 0417-5333 333
    Fax: 0417-5332 777

  • Office address:
    Zhongke Innovation Plaza,
    1555 Greenland Avenue,
    Huaqiao Development Zone,
    Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province
    Mr. Yu 13701915911

  • Guangdong Office:
    Wanjiang District, Wanjiang
    Street, Dongguan City,
    Guangdong Province
    Mr. Yu 15940760333